Pad Printing equipment for sale.

We have pad printing equipment for sale that was used for trade shows and demonstration
only. The manufacturer is a U.S. company with headquarters in Florida.  The product is
American made.  The equipment is in excellent condition and was never used in a production
line.   There is a laser printer that was purchased new, but never used. Our desire is to sell the
equipment as a package as it was purchased.  
An air compressor is required and not part of
the package.  An air compressor can be purchased at a home center for under $200. Ink is not
part of the package but can be purchased through many sources.

Please e-mail me at for more information.  Please provide your phone
number and I can call at your convenience and answer any questions you may have.

Equipment is located in Bethlehem, PA.  We can work with anyone about shipping and may be
able to deliver within a reasonable distance from Bethlehem.

Thanks.  Frank (co-owner Affordable Printed Products)

Pad  Printing Package

This package consists of equipment that will provide the necessary tools to begin pad printing.  
All items are in excellent condition, never used in a production line.  Equipment was used as
demonstrator models at trade shows.  Items and descriptions of each are listed below.

AT-135 – The AT-135 pad transfer printer is designed to have a large format single color image
area (5” cup) or optional two colors in a smaller image area (3.5” cups).  The machine utilizes a
complete all closed cup inking technology, with the emphasis on fast, clean, changeovers.  This
machine has been designed with pinned sub plates, artwork alignment jigs and ease of
operation and change over in mind.
Basic Machine Features
•        Pneumatic drive for simple, reliable operation
•        Closed cup design
•        3.5” diameter cup (standard)
•        Powder coated cabinet for easy clean up
•        Automatic cycle mode for adjustable cycle rate
•        Foot switch for single cycle
•        Ink mix cycle
•        Set up mode for fast set up
•        Independent pad strokes (plate and part)
•        Microprocessor control utilizing and operator control panel
•        Built and serviced in America
Technical Specs and accessories
•        Machine capable of rates of 1800 cycles per hour
•        Electrical: 120 VAC 50-60 HZ
•        Printing image (1 or 2) 3.5” ink cup = 3 – 31/4” diameter each
•        Length 36” - Width 12” - Height 21” - Weight 90 lbs.
•        AT-135 Pad printer                                               $7,575.00
•        Small vertical die set                                             $   755.00
•        Dovetail pad mount (X, Y)                                     $   370.00        
•        Additional 3.5” ink cup                                           $   495.00
•        2 Color Shuttle Device (pneumatic)                       $3,750.00
•        2 Color plate X, Y                                                   $1,450.00
•        Parts X, Y, R Micro Adjust (used)                           $1,450.00
•        4” X 9” Artwork Alignment Jig                                 $   295.00
•        3.5” ink cup                                                            included
•        Printing pad                                                            included
•        4” X 9” Pinned sub plates                                        $  170.00

AT-7613 Conveyor Drying System – This drying system displays flexibility with it’s variable
speeds and temperature controls, along with it adjustable doors and heat panel.
Basic Dryer features
•        Operator control panel with dial heat setting
•        Electric variable speed drive and heat controls
•        High temperature mesh belt for good air control
•        Variable temperature control reaching 225F
•        Powder coated cabinet for easy clean-up
•        Adjustable entrance and exit doors (1” – 5”)
•        3 heat ducts with blowers for heat dispensing
•        Adjustable internal heat panel
•        Built and serviced in America
Technical specifications and accessories
•        Electrical: 120 VAC, 50-60 HZ, 15 Amps
•        Length 76”,  Width 18”, Height 52”, Belt Height Adjustable, Weight 90 lbs
•        AT-7613 drying system                                                $2,495.00

AT-100 Platemaker – Plastic Plate System (4” X 9” print plates). Designed with a vacuum
system for even film to plate contact. Digitally timed exposures insure consistency with every
plate. A vacuum pressure gauge is mounted  to the front panel to allow you to check the quality
of your vacuum.
Technical specifications and accessories
•        Width 21”, Depth 18”,  Height 11”
•        Exposure area 10” X 14”
•        Handles all standard plate sizes – 4X9”, 6X12”, 6X9”, 8X9”
•        Electrical: 110V, 15 Amps
•        Weight: 40 lbs.
•        AT-100 Exposure System                                        $2,450.00
•        Plastic Plates Half  Case (50)  4X9” punched                $   275.00
•        Image Transfer  paper                                                $     57.50
•        Plastic Plate Processing Kit                                        $   135.00
•        Small Plate Drying oven                                        $   135.00

Xante Screen Writer 4 – The Xante screen writer r has been designed to produce films and
vellums to be used in the plate making process. High density film is produced by the systems
patented process for dot and image accuracy in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions.  
The Screen Writer 4 is the perfect link between your digital on screen images and your print
Basic Machine Features
•        High resolution 1200 X 1200 dpi
•        Dot Gain Calibration to insure dense, high quality images
•        10 pages-per-minute output (letter size)
•        Wide range of film sizes, from 8.5”  X 11” – 13” X 35.5”
•        136 typefaces, 42 font rasterizers,  Types 1-6 postscript font supports
•        Printer Languages: Adobe Postscript 3
•        Easy to us web browser interface
•        Toner cartridge 7000 letter prints at 5% coverage
Technical Specifications
•        Power requirements 100-127V, 50-60HZ, 6.5 A
•        Noise level: Printing less than 49.5 dB, Standby less than 35 dB
•        Standard interfaces: Parallel, USB, 100/100 Base T Ethennet
•        Dimensions: 22.8” W, 23.68” D, 16.24” H, WT 73.3 lbs.
•        Xante Screen-Writer 4 (New)                                                $2,645.00
•        Film (clear 8.5” X 11”)                                                        $      57.50

Prices shown are as invoiced less a used equipment discount.
Pictured are pad printer             drier                                           plate maker